Meet The Team

Amel Alyamani

Amel Alyamani is a senior public relations student in the New Media Institute. She likes music and pretty things that occur naturally in the world. Her favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip but not the green kind.

Jamia Kenan

Jamia Kenan is a senior journalism major and studio art minor in the New Media Institute. A lover of storytelling, she enjoys writing, photography, and watching movies. She is also a foodie and loves trying foods from different cuisines across the world.

Rachel Owart

Rachel Owart is a senior graduating this month with an Entertainment and Media Studies degree, a Film Studies minor, and the New Media certificate. She's currently pursuing videography with long term goals to work in independent film cinematography.

Zachary Hansen

By the time Zachary Hansen presents at SLAM, he'll be days away from graduating with a journalism major, religion minor and New Media certificate. He enjoys telling other people's stories and writing. He's good with words...obviously.